No One Does More For Golf Sherriff's


The Event Process

The Event Process is controls the life cycle of an event. Events are just a name I gave to what happen if a bunch of players show up to play a game with a group. The manual process is basically:

  • Show up and put your name on a list (and paying any dues or entry fee)
  • Coordinator puts your quota on the list
  • When the tee time approaches, teams are formed by some method (random or ABCD draw before or after game)
  • Teams/Player play their round
  • At end of round, teams report their scores
  • Winners are selected
  • Coordinator or Scorer enters scores (points pulled) into something that computes a new quota
  • End of process - socialize, brag or complain

The PtGolf event process - short version

  • Show up and put your name on a list
  • Creates a new Event and add Participants (players) to the event
  • Form Teams by clicking on Form Teams button and set options for groupings and forming method for teams.
  • Play GOLF!
  • Collect score cards the enter scores by click on the Score Teams button
  • End of process - socialize, brag or complain and repeat as often as needed.
The Event Life Cycle - longer version

An Event only has 2 required fields (Date and Status) and an optional Games field that controls side game. The status can have three values: Scheduled, Pending and Scored, which defines the Life cycle. The event status controls what normally can be done in that status including what must be done to move the event to the next status.

When a new event is created its status is set to Scheduled and the Scheduled view of the event is displayed.
The scheduled view displays the event status (date, how many players, teams, pot) and a form that has three columns.
The center column is a list of active and inactive players in the group displayed as button with only the players name. To add a player/participant to the event, click on their name and their button will move to the first column. If you made an error on the name, click the button in the left column and it will move back to the center column. Once you add a player to the New Participants column the Update Participants button will be enabled.
If you don't see their name, you can use the search box to try to find them by name, nickname or PIN. Enter any part of their assumed name and press return. The search will display any matching fields in a new set of button. Clicking on one of those buttons will again move them to the left column. If its a new player, click the add new player and you will exit the event and add a new group player (then return to the event).
IMPORANT! Moving players to the left column does not add the players to the event at this time, you must click on the Update Participants button to add or remove players to/from the event. A list of current participants is in the right column. You can Update Participants as many times as you need - you don't have to do it all at once.
If a player in the Current Participants list dropped out or was entered in error. Check the 'Del' check box next to their name and click the Update Participants button.
If a player in the Current Participants list wants to play from a different tee than their default tee. Click on the 'T' pulldown field next to their name and select the tee. Then click the Update Participants button.
Once all players/participants are added to event, click the Form Teams button which will move the event to 'Pending' status.
Once teams are formed it is assumed you are ready to play GOLF, but things happen!
You can Print Scorecard if you have a printer attached.
A player shows up late or someone drops out at the last minute, you can click the Add Late Participant. That will bring up the 'Scheduled' view where you can add new players or remove players. You can even reform teams. Adding a late participant will add that player to Team 0 and you can either Adjust Teams (for instance add that player to a threesome), or reform the teams.
You can Adjust Teams and move players to different teams. For instance someone has to leave as soon as possible so you can move them to the first team. You can also change their Tee for this event.
You can Set Side Games if you choose to use the Side Games options.
You can do any of the above actions until the team is scored. If someone shows up late at the tee box, you can add them after the round.
Clicking Score Teams will bring up the scoring form and once completed it will move the event to Scored and the life cycle is complete.
While a scored event is considered complete, the group Coordinator can re-score the teams.
A scored event view display statistics about the event.
  • What team(s) won the game event (Sides or Places).
  • What players won any side games if side games were entered
  • The Teams and Player share of the pot was if Dues were collected.
How does it do all of this.

When an event is created and players are added to the event, an empty Round is created that does not have any scores.

The empty round is linked between a Group Player and the Event and contains the Players Tee and current Quota.

Once teams are formed, the Team number is added to the empty round.

Once the Teams/Players are scored, their scores are added to the round and it becomes a Scored round and new Quotas are computed.

This is no different then signing up for a tournament, getting added to a team, getting a blank scorecared. playing GOLF, then turning in your teams scorecard.