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Forming Methods
I though I'd explain how the forming methods works using numbered poker chips to draw the teams. Each player has a Raw Quota, or the decimal value of what their quota would be without any rounding or truncation. The players for the event are sorted (seeded) by this number.

Lets form teams with 16 players (4 foursome) using the `Seeded` method.

Layout 16 numbered cards or chip in order. Since there are four teams, separate the chips into four groups representing the A, B, C and D players. Player 1 has the highest point to pull, player 16 has the lowest points to pull.

1234 | 5678  | 9101112  | 13141516

Let reverse the order of the even number groups (B and D player). Why do this will be explained shortly!

1234 | 8765  | 9101112  | 16151413

Now lets draw the first chip from each group to form Team 1

Team 1


Team 1 is formed and it has the highest A player teamed with the lowest B player, the highest C player and the lowest D player. This is why we reverse the order of the even seeds. Now draw the other three teams from the remaining chips

234 | 765  | 101112  | 151413

Again take the first chip from each group the form the other 3 teams

18916 | 271015  | 361114  | 451213
Notice if the players quota in this example were equal to their seed number 1..16, each team would have to pull 34 points!

If you have mixed threesomes and foursomes, lets say 14 players (two threesomes and two foursomes). You still have four teams so you have four groupings, but you seed the A, B and C players first into three groups of four players and you put aside the D players.

1234 | 5678 | 9101112  >>| 1314

Again reverse the order of the even number group

1234 | 8765  | 9101112  >>| 1314

Draw four threesomes

189 | 2710 | 3611 | 4512  >>| 1314

Now add the D players to the threesomes. I currently do this randomly, then sort the teams putting the threesomes first.

189 | 3611 | 451213 | 271014
This is the Seeded method, but all other method follow the same dividing and sorting.
Draw Method (default method)

Almost the same as seeded, except each group (ABCD) is `shuffled' so each team has a random A, B, C and D, but one from each seed

15915 | 271115  | 361014  | 481214

Random Method

Is just what it means, the seeded players are first shuffled then divided,

ABCD Battle.

The seeded players are the teams! Go D's beat those A's

1234 | 5678  | 9101112  | 13141516


The A players don't get to play together very ofter. This method pairs 2 players from one group with two from another. For 16 players and 4 teams:

121516 | 341314  | 561112  | 78910
Notice again that if the players quota in this example were equal to their seed number 1..16, each team would have to pull 34 points! Teams 1 and 2 are made up of A and D players. Teams 3 and 4 are made up with B and C players.


About the same except each seed is suffled. You will still get 2 A players on a team, but a random draw.

Least Paired

This method attempt to put players together that have not played together recently. The only difference between this method and others is that players are sorted by the number of 'interactions' they've had with others playing in the event. While this sounded like a neat concept, players A and B had not played together in a while, Players B and C may have played together 4 out the the last 6 Games!


This method is about the same as least paired. In this case, the deck is sorted by how many PTPoints they've accumulated (money?)

Both Redistributeion and Least Paired use the Stacked method to sort the teams. Players whose won the most or played the most will be teamed with players who won the least or played the least