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Group Preferences/Settings

Preferences are defined in the Group model


Group allow multiple groups who play at a Club or Course and have quotas computed based on their preferences. One group may used a different point scoring system, play from different tees etc.

class Group < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :events, :dependent => :destroy
    has_many :group_players, :dependent => :destroy
    has_many :users, :dependent => :destroy
    belongs_to :club
  • To separate Players, Events, Rounds, etc from other Groups
  • To provide preference/options used to compute quotas.
Data Elements
Unique name for group in a club dt tees
A string of space delimited tee colors used by the group, e.g. "White Teal Blue Red"
Options (preferences)
rounds_used: :integer
The number of rounds used to compute quotas
use_hi_lo_rule: :boolean
An optional method that throws out the high and low points pulled for a player before computing the quota
par_in: :string
Can override club settings
par_out: :string
Can override club settings
welcome: :text
A text message that will display on the Groups home page if entered.
alert: :text
A text alert message that will display on the Groups home page if entered.
notice: :text
A text notice message that will display on the Groups home page if entered.
tee_time: :string
play_days: :string
NOT Used
dues: :integer
Round game entry fee
skins_dues: :integer
Skins or Birdies side game dues, optional
par3_dues: :integer
Par3 closest to pin side game dues, optional
other_dues: :integer
Other game (best sides) side game dues, optional
truncate_quota: :boolean
When a qouta is computed, it is a decimal number. The default quota is set to round that number to the nearest interger. Setting truncate_quota to True will truncate (round down) the raw quota
pay: :string
Wealth is redistributed by either Sides or Places, the two valid options for the 'pay' preference.
Pay Side divides the collected entry fee into three pots, front, back and total. Those pots are distributed to the winner(s)
Pay Places divides the collected entry fee into pots equal to half of number of teams in the game. If there are 8 teams, there will be 4 pots or 4 places. Most groups that use this method will have a cheat sheet to lookup what each place will pay.PtGofp computes a 60/40 split between places. In this example of paying 4 places, the percentage of each place is [0.4154, 0.2769, 0.1846, 0.1231]!
limit_new_player: :boolean
The Micky Mantle rule. A new players who has not played a certain number of rounds (limit_rounds:) with the group will have a star (*) by their quota to remind the team that their points are limited to +- (limit_points). GolfGaggle would actually use this to compute a gross and net points pulled and use net to pay teams and gross to compute quotas. PtGolf leave that up to the group to handle.
limit_rounds: :integer
limit_points: :integer